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Which Laptop is the Best for General Purpose Computing?

Posted by: laptop_question on Jan 29th 2019,

I need a laptop for general purpose
computing. Which laptop is the best
overall for that? It can be new or a
few years old. Please also tell me why
you think this laptop is the best for
that need.

have_this_one said on Oct 31st 2019 @ 02:18:37am,

Been using a Thinkpad at work for quite some time now. The absolute best laptop for general purpose computing, work, coding, not so much for play though. Really like the keyboard too. You should see if you can get a cheaper one second-hand. They're quite durable. But if you can dish out about $600-$700 bucks, you can get a new one with lower specs. Always go for the specs you need, durability, and a good keyboard since we usually spend a lot of time typing.

MarcelV said on Nov 01st 2019 @ 12:44:27pm,

I would always buy a known brand, like Asus, Dell or HP. My experience with cheaper ones like Acer, Medion and Toshiba are that they break sooner, even things like hinges. Also check if they make much noise when you play a video or do some 3d rendering.

laptop_question said on Nov 14th 2019 @ 05:43:17am,

MarcelV: I used an Asus at work a few
years ago. It looked really nice, but
the plastic around the hing cracked
while it was still brand new, for no
apparent reason. Also the keyboard had
a weird layout that took some getting
used to. So, I don't have as high an
opinion of Asus's now. But thanks for
the other recommendations. Dell and HP
are the two brands I've narrowed my
search to.

have_this_one: Thanks for your
recommendation. The only problem with
Thinkpads is that they are so heavy.
Otherwise, I've heard good things about

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