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Last Updated: 10-16-19

Free Entertainment on the Internet

List of Free Podcasts





Audio Books

Cory Doctorow's Books

Hardware Information

Passmark CPU Benchmark Scores

Notebookcheck--Reviews of laptops

Laptopmain--More reviews of laptops

LowEndMac--To help you maximize the life of your aged Apple gear

Privacy and Security Information

The Tin Hat--Articles and tutorials about improving your privacy on the internet

Electronic Frontier Foundation Deep Links

Electronic Frontier Foundation Press Releases

Youtube Information Theory Info

Youtube Cryptography Info

Crypto 101 Course

Online Stanford Crypto course

"A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography"


Safest Software Download Websites

Linux Mint Download Page


Miscellaneous Websites

Proton Mail--Encrypted email

Tutanota--Encrypted email

PrivyBoard--Experimental encrypted message board

Night Sky Mail--Astronomical events notification service

Classic Computers Information--Links to info, hardware, and software from the 1980's

Vintage Computer Links--Links to all sorts of information and software related to vintage computers

The Federation--A global social network composed of nodes that talk to each other


PirateBox Modification Rough Notes